Caitlin (cathain) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

While on the subject...

For everyone who thinks that what happened at Blizzcon was "ok" and that people are being "too PC" and that it was "all in fun" or that we needed to "consider the source" because it was a metal band or that people were being "overly sensitive", please read this:

To quote from the story:
"When you say I am asking people to be too politically correct, I hear, “I want to keep kicking you, raping you, and subjecting you to painful court processes that go nowhere, and you’re not allowed to ask me to stop.”"

I understand that Mike Morhaime issued a profound and sincere apology. I believe him. I believe him because Blizzard has historically been an inclusive company that always tried to do the right thing. They have heart. I also sincerely hope they learned a lesson from this.
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