natasha (nulz) wrote in worldofwarcraft,

Help with a friend?

Not so much a game issue, more an issue with a friend who's rejoined WoW after a break. Basically, they don't/can't go through the game themselves and keep leaning on myself and my boyfriend to help him progress.

The guy in question, A has played WoW on and off since BC came out. He's a very indecisive guy. He'll come back to WoW full of enthusiasm, ready to start working on his "new main", only to delete his toons a few months later. This has happened a few times and for that reason, I don't have the patience to help A out when he comes back to the game. He came back a month or so ago, rolled a warrior which is now 90 and he also has a rogue at max level. He was all, "this warrior is gonna be my main, gonna gear it up as a tank and get into normal SoO", okay, fine. My boyfriend spends hours with him helping him gear up with timeless stuff, helping him choose a nice transmog, and we run some LFR with him on BF's tank and my healer (quick queue). A few days ago he decides he doesn't want to tank anymore. In fact, he doesn't like melee DPS either so he wants to roll a ranged class or a healer...but he changes his mind and decides to stick with his warrior.

Another problem I have with A is that he's not very aware of what's going on. He runs LFR with no glyphs or enchants etc, in tank spec when he queues as DPS, does about 20k DPS and gets mad when someone calls him out on it, stands in stuff and just...doesn't pay attention. There's only so many times I can mention these things because he's quite defensive about it, but he's not improving. My boyfriend knows this but says he wants to keep helping him out so he learns the raids but there's only so much he can do. He's also way too nice and doesn't want to offend or upset him by telling him that he's...not great.

I need help with dealing with this guy. We've invested quite a lot of time in helping him level and gear up but he hasn't said thank you once, just "eh, yeah, warrior is okay but I think I'll reroll, meh". I needed help with Dragon Soul the other day and asked him if he'd like to come along to tank and he ignored me, which I find plain rude. He says he wants to raid with us and whatnot but I don't see much commitment or willingness to learn the fights and it's like he wants us to do everything for him. Like I say, he's played since BC and is really knowledgable about classes and the game in general, so it's not like he's new to it. I'm just reluctant to keep carrying him through but I'm never gonna be like "DUDE, YOU SUCK, LEARN TO PLAY!!!". Any ideas? Or even if you've been in a similar situation, I'd like to hear how you dealt with it!
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