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Yet again I am prevailing upon the kindness of you all with a question.

I've hitherto not bothered with auctions, because I've been enjoying just questing, killing and messing about in dungeons, but I would like to buy a flying machine (now that I'm entitled to fly) and now find myself accumulating lots of cloth among my loot. I have heard that some players buy up a lot of the stuff, and a good mate told me yesterday that I can leave it at an auction house where I can get more money for it than I can by selling it to the usual vendors. Apparently between ten and a hundred times the amount. Is that extortionate?

So, following his advice, I created a character in Ironforge, who will be a go-between from the mailbox, to which I will send him the cloth, and the auction house. I sent him lots of the stuff and he went into the AH and that's where I got stuck.

I tried to start an auction, moved several stacks of runecloth into the box and he said "That's too expensive" at the game's suggested price, which was only twice the price a vendor would pay. I tried to reduce it, but nothing happened, so I probably needed to input something else, too. I think the first thing I must do is to search the auctions to see how much other chaps are asking for runecloth, and anything else I want to sell. Weapons? Armour?

Would someone please walk me through the procedure? The WoWpedia article looks helpful but if auctioning is a whole huge part of the game that takes me away from questing etc, then bollocks to it. I have heard that many players enjoy it so much that they spend most of their time on it.
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