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Yet again I am prevailing upon the kindness of you all with a question.

I've hitherto not bothered with auctions, because I've been enjoying just questing, killing and messing about in dungeons, but I would like to buy a flying machine (now that I'm entitled to fly) and now find myself accumulating lots of cloth among my loot. I have heard that some players buy up a lot of the stuff, and a good mate told me yesterday that I can leave it at an auction house where I can get more money for it than I can by selling it to the usual vendors. Apparently between ten and a hundred times the amount. Is that extortionate?

So, following his advice, I created a character in Ironforge, who will be a go-between from the mailbox, to which I will send him the cloth, and the auction house. I sent him lots of the stuff and he went into the AH and that's where I got stuck.

I tried to start an auction, moved several stacks of runecloth into the box and he said "That's too expensive" at the game's suggested price, which was only twice the price a vendor would pay. I tried to reduce it, but nothing happened, so I probably needed to input something else, too. I think the first thing I must do is to search the auctions to see how much other chaps are asking for runecloth, and anything else I want to sell. Weapons? Armour?

Would someone please walk me through the procedure? The WoWpedia article looks helpful but if auctioning is a whole huge part of the game that takes me away from questing etc, then bollocks to it. I have heard that many players enjoy it so much that they spend most of their time on it.
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For some players, playing the AH is a big part of their game. They tend to use addons to maximize their profits. I recommend addons however, for even the casual AHer!

I believe that 2 auction addons are popular and still supported: Auctionator and AuctionLite. Auctioneer used to be THE addon to use, but I don't know too many people who use it anymore.

You can get these addons from sites like Curse and WoWInterface. Of course, learning to use them effectively can be a job within itself. Usually, people will use these addons to scan the AH a minimum of once a day, to get the standard prices for items to sell or buy. I would recommend scanning at least a week before you start trying to play the AH, but if you just want to sell some cloth (or buy some materials you don't want to farm/can't farm yourself), then doing a minimum of one scan should give you an idea of what pricing is for the mats you're trying to sell.

These addons also have a way of posting your auctions quickly, especially if you have a lot of materials you want to sell. So you can put up 10 stacks of 20 Runecloth with just a push of a button (and a bit of a wait as it processes what you have).

One thing I will note is that you want to make sure that you are posting per STACK, in the case of cloth, as opposed to per ITEM, in the case of items that do not stack. You can find people who will list a stack of 20 cloth as 1 individual cloth per auction, but that can get really annoying to purchase (without an addon to assist you in purchasing, which these addons can do), and some people will not bother to buy the individual cloth because it's more annoying than buying a stack, and they're willing to pay more for the convenience of a stack.

This is really just a primer on using the AH (with addons), but there's probably a lot of good sites out there that can help you with it. Just be careful of the gold making sites out there; some will try to sell you their out-of-game product (like their book on how to make money on the AH), so buyer beware.
I'm wary of getting an add-on for a small part of the game, that I'd like to quietly work in the background, but thanks for the info. I'll have to be vigilant about stacks, then, rather than single items. Thanks for the info.
Seriously, get the addon. When you drop a stack of something, or even a couple of pieces, it auto searches the auctions and gives you an average price along with a list of all of the ones on the AH. It makes using the AH REALLY easy. And you definitely want to use the AH. The only things I don't sell on the AH are the things on disenchant and the grey stuff.
Bah, if you want a real flying mount, hunt down the TLPD, like I did back when I was playing :P
That's not at all a helpful comment, for someone who is at the point in the game that he's just figuring out the AH.
Thanks, Thistle_chaser! And what is a TLPD?


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It costs YOU money to place an auction up. Make sure your Ironforge guy has some gold to get started.
Here - I've highlighted in red where you look to see how much it will cost to create the auction.

This number changes depending on your auction (eg length of time 24 or 48hrs).

I wouldn't fuss about with addons until you have the basic UI down pat. Addons don't always work and you need to still be able to get around if they fail.
Great! Good to know. That might be why he said "Too expensive." He was complaining about having to fork out money he doesn't have rather than that I'm charging too much to any bidders.
Yes, this is exactly it - just send your bank alt a few gold to get hm started. Also, make sure you look up the item you are going to sell in the AH to check how much other people are selling for instead of just arbitrarily pricing your items. :D


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Protip: If you're playing the game when an expansion comes out (Like the upcoming Warlords of Draenor), don't do any crafting - sell ALL of the new expansion materials (Ore, herbs, enchanting stuff) you harvest in the AH. It will sell like hotcakes for INSANE prices! Why? Because raiding guilds fight to level fast and get to raid content, and will pay top dollar for stuff to raise their profession skills without having to go find it.

By the time the prices come down you will have made enough money to buy any materials you need (at much more reasonable prices) with plenty of cash left over.
I don't get ore, herbs or enchanting stuff in my loot, for some reason (though I did once get a pile of sand and thought, what the heck is this for?), or I'd take it now to the AH.

What a great tip. Thank you. I'm sure that I'll be asking here about buying an expansion pack or two before long, as my hunter is at level 61-ish, and where will he go when he's maxed out?

By the way, Rufus Honker IV is an utterly spiffing name.
If you're planning on buying expansions, now is the time to do it as they're all on sale. All of the old expansions (Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm - covering levels 60-85) are now included in the base game ($5 currently) and Pandaria (85-90) only needs to be bought separately ($10).

Herbs, ore, and enchanting materials are only gotten if you have the profession for them. Herbalism, Mining, and Enchanting respectively.
"Rufus Honker IV" is an anagram for my first and last names. :D
These might help explain the basics:

Starting out it can just help you get a bit of extra cash. Eventually if you want you can get more in-depth, but you really don't need an addon at the beginning.