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I am back, o learned ones, with yet another question. Your kind indulgence would be gratefully appreciated.

I am curious about guilds. In fact, I have been for a while, but now that my hunter has reached a level in the sixties, I think it’s feasible for him to be at leisure to join one and see what the heck it’s all about. I’ve been too busy questing and levelling up to spend time learning about them.

I actually did join one, early on, but its members ignored me (so why ask me to join?) and my chat pane was full of their smug, cliquey and sometimes profane chatter. Also, I think that there were probably too many members for comfort. A dozen or so would probably have been nearer the mark. I could see no in-game benefit to being a member, and received so many other invitations, before and after, that I formed the impression that some guilds were intent on recruiting as many heads as poss for its own sake, rather than seeking you because you have something specific to offer. I quit the guild and blocked guild invitations. I’ve been a lone wolf player for all this time, and am thinking that I’d like to interact with sensible, helpful coves out there.

I’ve poked about in the Guild Finder, but it doesn’t tell me much.

I gather that guilds are formed for different reasons, but I’m a bit hazy on what those reasons are, and how to ascertain what I’d want from a guild, or have to offer. Presumably, my different characters have differing talents to offer?

1. Can one player have several characters in one guild?
2. Can one player have each character in a different guild?
3. How can a player seek out guilds that offer specific benefits or goals?
4. Does a player put out an ad of some sort (“mage seeks huge guild for chatter and mutual lunchtime back-rubs”?) listing his preferences? I imagine that the responses would be overwhelming.

I think I’d want a guild whose members help one another out during gameplay (if someone is on a quest needing several players, I’d be glad to pitch in, and I’m now coming across quests that require more than one player – and some people out there are unfriendly or have buzzed off by the time I type in a greeting and the suggestion to tackle this monster together). I wouldn’t mind sharing loot and even gold. What I would not be interested in is a purely social experience, what I had for lunch, isn’t So-And-So an idiot, etc. Lordy, I can do that in the workplace.

And before you ask, the realm I play in is Ysera.

Thank you for your attention, mes braves.
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