Rufus Honker IV (rufushonkeriv) wrote in worldofwarcraft,
Rufus Honker IV

Leveling is... faster.

I'm leveling my first toon from level 1 since.... Burning Crusade.  I have three mains, two started during Vanilla and one started during BC. My play has been sporadic for several years, and when I have played I've been busy at Level Cap.

I made Proxima the Human Hunter when Cataclysm dropped, he stopped at 35 and had been sitting in Duskwood.  I slapped some Heirlooms on him, discovered the Darkmoon Fair buff and set about levelling.  the old world I wasn't surprised about, but entering Outland at 60... wow.  Trollbanes Command  + Darkmoon Fair + heirlooms = i was level 65 before leaving Hellfire Penninsula.  Only quests, no dungeon finder.

I think it took me a month or two to hit 70 in Outland when BC released.
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Yeah it is, they have announced changes like this several times over the years+heirlooms help too.
It slows down a bit for me in Northrend (I think the leveling curve is the same there, the content is just so… unengaging :T), and stays on that sort of level through Cata areas (longer levels but slightly more engaging content plus I guess only five levels to get through). Pandaria drags like nobody's business, unfortunately (longer levels AND unengaging content, though that's likely largely because I've played it through 12-15 times in the last year or two or however long MoP's been in beta + live and am just BORED with it now, haha).

I just completed a self-RAF period, got four sets of alts to 85 and most of them had about 2d /played when they got there—including a lot of faffing about afk—which I didn't think was half-bad. Can't really use heirlooms on those cos the new account doesn't generally have access but 300% exp is pretty tasty all on its own, haha.