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Rufus Honker IV

Just an update....

*Echoing footsteps*  ...Man, this place is quieter than Feralas.  Also the main page's artwork is broken.  Maybe a mod could take us back to a simpler format.

It's maintenance day, not that it matters anymore here.  It's Caturday!

For those of you still on the feed, if you're playing WoW or not playing WoW and just curious, a quick update...

  • The Warlords of Draenor Cinematic came out last month:

  • Patch 6.0.2 drops sometime in October.  It's on the public test realm now.  We're getting new character models.

  • Warlords of Draenor, taking us to an alternate universe Outland where the orcs didn't drink the blood (see the cinematic), drops on November 13.

  • WoW's 10th anniversary will be celebrated in November with an up-to-date Molten Core raid and a new battleground - the Battle for Southshore.

OH!  Big deal for those of you who haven't played for a very long while:

  • If you have not played a character since November 13, 2008, their character's names are going to be released as of the dropping of patch 6.0.2.  If you want to keep the name, log in with the character.  SO.... if you haven't played for a while and are thinking about getting back in eventually.  Log in to save your names.  If you want to use some claimed names, get back in here!

  • The above probably also counts for active accounts but who still have chacters on other servers who haven't been logged into.  Dust off those old toons or lose the names, folks.

Me?  Well, I stll play on and off.  My 10-year-old son has a boosted 90 he's loving playing on.  I just returned, got What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (FINALLY) and am looking forward to the expansion.  Is WoW dying?  Probably.  Nothing lasts forever.  But it's still been fun to revisit now and then.
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Nice to see there's still some folks hanging out on LJ.

My ten year old boy just dinged 80. So we started taking him through Ulduar and when that's done we'll do ICC. He can be there to watch me get my legendary. :)
It's so weird - my son is able to rattle off NPC names better than I can. My 13-year-old daughter only plays now and then and I was directing her to Pawdon village and told her to look for the flight Master - my son, who was across the room doing something else - knew the flight master's name off the top of his head.
Still playing AND still on LJ! I'm like a dinosaur.
I keep coming back here - some communities just work better here than on Facebook. My Livejournal ten-year anniversary is December 8th!
Still check LJ every day. :) Playing WoW on and off with a bit of beta every once in awhile to check changes or make model videos. Started and keeping up with a WoW blog (mostly screenshots and WeakAura strings).

Very excited for Draenor, at the very least there are several fun new mechanics I'm looking forward to trying out (garrisons, new raid browser, new challenge modes, new model for professions, etc.).
I am looking forward to seeing how they keep it fresh.

Deleted comment

They'll be pruning a ton of abilities in Warlords, so I think that will help the boosted 90s get the hang of things. :)
Yes, though I'm not the one to ask - I've been using just Titan Panel since Vanilla. Other than that it's SellJunk (sells the grays automatically) and Deadly Boss Mods.
i took about 4 months off and came back. ended up going for loremaster. that was easy enough. just leveled an old toon from 42-90, and am doing stuff with my husband on his new 90. that's 18 90's for me now, and 4 for him. still haven't pre ordered the game, but we probably will end of october so we can get the insta 90.

i'm not really that impressed with the looks of this expansion. i'm over garrosh and his daddy issues. i'm mostly here for the chance at a mount from molten core. and i do want to check out the garrisons. but yeah, the story line? boring.

Deleted comment

You got it. You have an item that matches the type. The trangmog guy puts up a little UI of your own character and you equip that UI with the armor you want yours to look like. You get a preview. They you accept it and boom - your armor looks like it.
yeah, and once you've done it just put the T2 pieces in the bank and you're good to go. :) but be careful, it can become addicting and EXPENSIVE! ;)
Yeah, the storyline does nothing for me. Back to "Outland"? Yawn. But bring it on, we'll see.
i'm glad i'm not the only one thinking this way. and like you, we'll see. i mean, i was totally not for pandaland. and i ended up LOVING it. but i'm just so over garrosh. ugh.