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worldofwarcraft's Journal

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World of Warcraft
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This is a community for the fans of Blizzard's MMORPG World of Warcraft.

The mod team can't be everywhere at once. If someone posts an insulting or trolling reply that you feel is inappropriate contact the moderators listed below. Please be sure to include a link! You can contact neuroxin via the LJ messaging system or emailing him at tucker at neuroxin dot com

Community Rules:

  1. No trolling. As defined by the maintainers.

  2. Stay on topic. The topic is World of Warcraft. It's fine to talk about your pets, character, server, rants, screenshots, levelling, etc. It is not fine to post about real life politics, sports, and other things that have no relation to the game. This includes general MMO chatter.

  3. Use the lj-cut tag. If you're posting any images, please use this tag. Long posts don't have to be in a cut, but it sure is nice. If you don't know what an lj-cut tag is, read the FAQ. Also please note that all posts must use the default font sizes for LiveJournal. Using larger or smaller fonts via code or the rich-text editor will get your post deleted.

  4. Be nice. Maintainers reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason, but the only time we've banned people so far has been for trolling. If you are not sure what this means, think of the old axiom "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" - if you aren't 100% sure your post/reply isn't going to be flamebait, then don't post it here.

  5. Do not disable comments to your posts. This is a community and it's not for general announcements. This includes disabling comments and then linking to your crossposted post. It also includes screening or deleting comments.

  6. Do not post about anything that is against the Terms of Service of the game. This includes, but is not limited to, gold-buying/selling sites, paid powerlevelling sites, buying and selling accounts, botting, etc.

  7. Avoid racial and sexual slurs. Avoid any words/phrases/statements that are widely known to be harrassing and/or offensive. I realize that this is a broad statement, but use a little common sense. You know what is or isn't going to offend others(for the most part).

  8. Please do not top-level post suggestions or comments about how to run the community to the community. The mods are here to listen, just contact us.

That being said, breaking these rules will result in a warning, frozen comment threads, your post deleted and/or your removal or being "banned" from the community. If your thread is frozen or post deleted and you go around that to continue to break the rules then you will be banned permanently. If you would like to discuss a warning, frozen comments, a deleted post or your ban then contact the moderator in question directly.

If you need help, please check out this article on Wikipedia about netiquette.

This is an English-speaking community. There are communities for World of Warcraft in other languages here on LiveJournal. We will add them as we are made aware of them:

wowrus - Russian speaking World of Warcraft community
wow_germany - German speaking World of Warcraft community

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